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“a special brand of intelligent roots-rock that sticks with the lucky listener".
Frank-John Hadley "Downbeat" Magazine

“The group spools out sonic bliss that demands widespread appeal”.
Psychedelic Baby Magazine

Effortless West Coast rock...  And the playing breathtaking in it’s stylish ease.
Nick Dalton, Maverick Magazine


General Reviews:

Scroll down to read a review published in "Maverick" Magazine
of The Former Members' gig at Stormy Monday Club, Bull’s Head, Barnes, London, last October

It was the way he tells them.  Bruce Barthol stands there on the pub stage and recounts how German chancellor Angela Merkel arrived in Greece and was quizzed by the immigration official. “Occupation? “No, just visiting.”  He might be of a certain age and look like a casual college professor, but Barthol still has the sparkle-in-the-eye anti-establishment rebelliousness of his former group, Country Joe And The Fish.  He even sang 'Feel Like I’m Fixing To Die Rag' with the other members of what was a dream line-up of West Coast folk rock.

Across from Barthol on the stage in this discreet room behind the most charming of Thames-side pubs was his Fish colleague, keyboard player David Bennett Cohen (he also plays a mean guitar but, mused Barthol, there’s wasn’t enough room in the van to bring that too).  Behind them sat Roy Blumenfeld, drummer from the Blues Project, the band that was led by Al Kooper. And, off to one side, Greg Douglass, known for many things, not least co-writing ''Jungle Love, the Steve Miller hit, and spending a clutch of years in his band in the late 70s.  The fact that he was on Texan maestro Terry Allen’s first album, played and recorded with Eddie Money, and was then in the Greg Kihn Band (debuting on their curious folk-rock-disco US chart topper 'Jeopardy'), is just as fascinating.

Fascinating also was the fact that they kicked off with 'Green Onions' but with Cohen’s honky-tonk tinged piano replacing the organ.  In fact it was one of those sets that you couldn’t have imagined if you’d tried.  You got the feeling that they could have chatted and played all night, despite it being their 13th date in as many nights.  A genuine supergroup who came together for a single US date and were offered a UK tour on the back of it.  You can’t help but think that there’ll be more.
Nick Dalton

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